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Cori Moore

EXPERIENCE Design & Facilitation

I design & facilitate

creative workshop formats

that tackle business challenges and shape organisational culture.

What I Do

Innovation & Co-creation

I help teams to tackle their business challenges by setting the scene for collaborative problem-solving.  I roll up my sleeves long before we come together in the workshop space, conducting research & stakeholder interviews.

Immersive Learning

From Design Thinking Bootcamps to Train-the-trainer Facilitation Sessions, I help professionals to drive collaboration and transform learning within their organisations through trainings & coaching programs.

Culture & Org. Design

I mentor leaders & help them to guide their teams through change processes with a focus on cultural transformation, including new ways of working, learning, meeting, collaborating & innovating, both offline and online.

About me

As a firm believer that those who play together learn from each other, I design playful participatory sessions that engage people to generate ideas together and open up meaningful dialogues for creative problem-solving. I use a range of tools, from LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to theatre improv, and borrow heavily from the service design and agile toolkits.

I also teach seminars on innovation, creativity and design thinking, in English and in German. In a “Train-the-Trainer” capacity I coach individuals and organisations in facilitation and design so they can create interactive and immersive learning experiences for their clients.

If you’re facing a specific business challenge that you feel should be tackled collaboratively, or you just want to learn more about facilitation and bringing participatory tools into your way-of-working, give me a call. I’d love to hear from you!

Some of My Projects

Over My Dead Body

I am co-founder of the online community, OverMyDeadBody which strives to create space for death, grief and loss.


We developed a toolkit to introduce new digital literacies in the German cultural sector.


Following our labs in the UK and Ireland, we took the digital identities framework to India to help journalists run experiments to define what impact means to them.

The School of Life

At The School of Life I lead seminars on Innovation and Creativity, as well as the course “Dealing with Death”.


I am a co-organiser of the Berlin chapter of the global unconference for Agile games.

If that all sounds like something you and your team need more of…



+49 (0) 17684875572